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Lawrence C. Gloner Jr

Thank you for our new little girl Medusa. Had a fun time and Hamburg yesterday. Thank you for taking the time to explain everything and all the knowledge you shared.

Lawrence C. Gloner Jr

Brad Hicks

If you have not seen the work of Paul Morlock over at RhacHouse you are certainly missing out! Paul has some absolutely amazing animals and shows them off with some of the best quality pictures I have seen. Just jaw dropping quality. Be sure to go check out RhacHouse! There is no way you will be disappointed!

Brad Hicks

Joe Nelson

Loving the garg I bought from you at the Hamburg show. I appreciate the help and I'm very impressed with all the information you have on each one of your geckos. Will be strongly recommending you. Thanks again.

Joe Nelson

Carolyn Fleming

Wanted to thank you for your awesome customer service to my friend who purchased a garg from you today... I've met an awful lot of vendors who are rude at expos, especially to people who are new/don't really know much regarding morphs and genetics, but I saw nothing but positivity at the table today. You'll be who I come to when I get a gargoyle in a month or two!

Carolyn Fleming

Chino Rodriguez

Charlie(16-54) says hello. Just wanted to thank you for the awesome garg and the great service.

Chino Rodriguez

DW Geckos

Purchased an awesome garg from Paul Morlock of Rhachouse and couldn't be happier! Even though we had to wait a couple weeks for weather to comply everything was very well packed and made the trip just fine!!!! A+++

Leland Ward

Met Paul at the Kissimmiee Repticon show this weekend.... just a few words for you guys from someone that never posts... I went to the show with my mind set on buying a hognose snake at the show... after meeting Paul and getting a chance to talk with him about his gargoyles and handling the amazing little females he had out. My daughter and I fell in love with them and decided to purchase one instead of a hoggie... While doing some research on our new addition to the family I was shocked at just how amazing Paul's gargoyles really are compared to everyone else I was able to see online and at the show... I truly believe Paul has the best selection of Gargoyles in the United states and a pioneer of breeding some truly amazing little gargoyles... in addition to not only having probably the best selection you could ask for... his prices are 100% well in line with the rest of the competition out there! Didn't ask for a discount like most because I could see exactly how much of himself he puts into this and his prices are more than fair. Not only were his prices prices fair but he took the time to educate me and my mother during a big busy show just to make sure we knew what we were getting into and things to expect in the future. Even went back on the 2nd day to purchase another one since I knew it would save me a bunch on shipping and I would get a gargoyle that was bred from the best. Paul is pretty much a celebrity in my eyes to the Gargoyle Gecko industry. I will absolutely buy another from him in the future, and wouldn't think twice about buying from him again... this man is the real deal!!! Thanks Paul for the time you spent with us, and you deserve this post my friend!

Bryan Shoemaker

Thank you for my beautiful baby girl and all the help this weekend. Looking forward to seeing you and doing more business with you in the future!

Lauralia Kovacs