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 Updated  2.26.16

All available geckos are produced right here at the RhacHouse, raised individually, feeding regularly and perfect in every way.  All geckos are sold unsexed unless indicated otherwise. I can provide my best guess for unsexed animals, however this implies no guarantee. Until a deposit or payment is received all geckos are for sale to any customer. For purchasing or questions please contact us directly.

Happy 2016!! We're back and I believe it's going to be a good year. I've recently updated the available listing, over 30 gargoyles available now!

Thanks for looking!

  gargoyle   chahoua   crested gecko  

Gargoyle Geckos
Rhacodactylus auriculatus

Panther geckos
Pareodura picta




Mnirogekko chahoua

Banded geckos
Coleonyx varrigatus


Crested Geckos
Correlophus ciliatus

Grandidier's Madagascar ground gecko
Pareodura androyensis